Anthropometric Data Science

Quantifying humanity through the acquisition and analysis of 3D body models.

Antropo has unique technology enabling rapid acquisition of accurate 3D body models and measurements simply and quickly primarily using images taken with a mobile phone.

We are developing applications that will enable partners to use these body models and the rich size data they deliver.

While the details will remain private for the time being, Interested parties, journalists, partners  should contact us.

3D Body Models

Antropo has unique technology that accurately scans, models, analyses and delivers detailed body metrics.  Our technology works simply with a short video taken with a mobile phone and does not rely on users to measure themselves. We do not require expensive dedicated 3D scanning devices, nor are dedicated applications required to be installed. For retail merchandising of clothing, we can effectively reduce costs associated with returns due to wrong sizing as well as increasing relevance for targeted advertisement based on individual body morphology.  The technology has numerous applications across several markets, including; weight loss, body training, entertainment, gaming, industrial design and others.

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